Amorphose Dresses & Accessories Have Simple Embellishments

 - Feb 8, 2010
Amorphose dresses and accessories feature zippers, buttons and bows in a new collection that entirely reinvents the concepts of luxury and grace. The designer's attention to detail is evident, as is his openness to new techniques and fabrics, while respecting the tradition and excellence of Made in Italy.

The Amorphose dresses and accessories are unique with refined cuts, natural fabrics and a continuous quest for elegant and unexpected details.

The rigour in the principal collection is softened by malicious and ironic touches among the accessories and small details like metallic zippers, buttons and bows that are there for pure ornamental purposes.

The Amorphose line stands out with subtle, discreet and hidden details, perceptible to and felt by the women wearing them, and revealed to the eye through motion.