'America's Army' Sets 5 Guinness World Records in 2009 (UPDATE)

 - Feb 12, 2009
References: americasarmy & army.mil
Since we wrote about the U.S. Army-endorsed "America's Army" PC game in 2006, its popularity has surged; in 2009, "America's Army" will receive awards for setting Guinness World Records in five categories.

"America's Army" is the largest virtual army, with over 15 times more registered users than the active duty ranks of the actual Army. It's also the most frequently-downloaded war video game, with over 42.6 million downloads. "America's Army" also has logged the most collective hours spent playing a free online shooting game, with over 230.9 million hours as of August 2008.

There are two more Guinness World Records that don't directly involve gameplay. AmericasArmy.com is the first military website to support a video game series, as well as the first multi-platinum game to receive a government-licensed trademark, according to Army.mil. Moreover, "America's Army" boasts the largest traveling game simulator, a 19,500-square-foot behemoth that includes six life-size vehicles that can accommodate 50 players at once.