America's Army Teaches Kids How to Defuse Real Bombs

 - Aug 4, 2011
References: fastcompany & gizmodo
In the newest iteration of the Defense Department's now-infamous recruitment game, 'America's Army,' players will be treated to a hyperrealistic orientation on ordinance deactivation. By the end of the summer, your kid will be a veteran bomb defuser.

Since 2003, software developers have attempted to introduce a robust bomb disposal tutorial to America's Army, but to no avail -- until now! By guiding an in-game robot, gamers will familiarize themselves with the ins and outs of bomb-making and disposal. But remember, it's not just 13-year-old children playing America's Army, but future recruits and service people. This project significantly lowers the cost associated with training explosives experts, which are generally astronomical for the military, and slowly eases future soldiers into the stress-inducing world of bombs.

Today, military training continues to move away from boot camps and toward virtual meeting rooms. We may end up with less athletic marines, but they'll probably know bombs and weapons like the back of their hands!