Paul Rousso Displays Amplified American Cash as Artwork

 - Mar 21, 2013
References: paulroussostudio & devidsketchbook
Inspired by artists like Cezanne who shocked viewers of their times, artist Paul Rousso wants to portray something as ordinary as American cash as something extraordinary.

He takes photographs of crumpled up American currency covered in dirt and grime and blows them up into large-scale portraits that emphasize every line and detail in the bills. Over time, with multiple exchanges, this collection of American money has become discolored, disfigured and generally altered a great deal from its original pristine condition. No one knows all of the sights these bills have seen, all the adventures they went through and the various people, from drug dealers to millionaires, that handled them.

Paul Rousso entices people to see dirty American cash as creative artwork.