The 'Tranquility Nodes' Ambient Lamps Were Sculpted Out of Sand

 - Aug 13, 2014
References: talinhazber & design-milk
For the Tranquility Nodes series of ambient lamps, Syrian-born architect and designer Talin Hazber used a somewhat unconventional material -- sand. After conducting research on the qualities of sand, Hazber decided to sculpt lamps out of them. The lamps are fully functioning and emit a warm, relaxing glow.

The use of sand in the construction of the lamps helps them give off a unique ambience. The glow they emit is neither too bright nor too dark, but is balanced and relaxing.

Hazber's goal was to design a lamp that would influence its surrounding space rather than overwhelm it or occupy it just passively, and these beautifully ambient lamps do just that. The lamps are arranged in a cascading fashion, allowing for the character of the lighting to be shifted.