Amar Stewart Paints Rapper Portraits in a 17th Century Style

 - Apr 8, 2014
References: amarstewart & rsvlts
These paintings by Amar Stewart reimagines popular rappers in a classical 17th century style. Each painting brings out the characteristics of each rapper by the paint choices and attire they've been painted in. Each of these portraits feature in clothing that you might find a classical poet wearing, which is fitting, because rappers are poets themselves.

The paintings bring a style that is typically only found in museums. If you were unfamiliar with rappers and you saw these hanging in a gallery, you might think that these people might be historical figures for the 17th centuries. These paintings are pieces of art that both art and rap lovers alike can enjoy. Having one of these portraits hanging on your wall will being two worlds of culture to the decor of the room.