Olmeca's Altos Tequila is Sweetened by Mature Agave

 - Dec 3, 2014
References: tequilaolmeca & coolhunting
The Altos tequilas produced by Olmeca Tequila are naturally sweetened by a blue agave plant that takes a whopping seven years to harvest.

Harvesting early is not an option, because as "master distiller" Jesus Hernandez explains, only plants that are fully harvested produce enough sugar. Otherwise, the producers will have to use more plants or introduce another source of sugar to their product. However, he concedes that many companies are forced to harvest early to continue to stay in business. Olmeca Tequila has, thus far, resisted temptation to do so, despite the fact that the agave supply is running much lower than the demand.

Having agave expertly cultivated and picked at the right moment is what sets Olmeca, a company that aims to be both high quality and affordable, apart from the pack.