The Alto Sewing Machine is Utterly Graceful in Looks and Operation

 - Sep 5, 2012
References: youtube & yankodesign
As a sewer, I can appreciate the absolute beauty of the Alto Sewing Machine that is so rarely found in such industrial appliances. They are usually large, heavy, bulky and complicated, but this invention is none of these things. Sarah Dickens' design is intended to cater to inexperienced seamstresses as a device that's remarkably intuitive to use.

There are three features that make the process particularly user-friendly. Firstly, the contraption is threaded surprisingly simply along the straight spine. Secondly, the speed of the stitching is controlled through the downward pressure of one's hand on the fabric. There is no pedal. Lastly, the Alto Sewing Machine provides ample space for the cloth on both sides of the needle, thanks to the poised and broad arch of the arm.