The Almost Extinct Calendar is an Effective Environmental Reminder

 - Jun 18, 2011
References: almostextinct & thisiscolossal
It may not be a reality you want hung on your wall everyday, but the Almost Extinct Calendar from The Chase for the BBC Wildlife Fund is a powerful reminder of the detrimental impact of human interference with the environment. The calendar outlines one endangered species for every day of the year. Using the online interactive calendar feature, you can learn more about the particular animal and the endangered status and make a donation. In addition, the interactive calendar will automatically strikethrough days past which sends the powerful message that each day is one less for the animals at risk.

At-risk animals featured on the calendar include the royal penguin, indina rhinoceros, several breeds of turtles, birds and fish and many more. Click on the read more link for your interactive experience, to find out more or to donate.