The Zoé Water Integrates More Minerals for a Healthier Lifestyle

 - Jan 28, 2016
References: zoewaterusa & trndmonitor
For consumers looking to extract more from their daily water intake, the Zoé Water brand offers alkaline water beverages filled with naturally added minerals to increase the benefits of drinking water on a daily basis. The brand's offers a range of alkaline waters with different pH balances geared towards a variety of demographics and lifestyles.

Alkaline water is simply water that has been ionized to have a pH balance greater than 7. This allows the water to be filled with added hydrogen ions making it healthier and much more oxygenating on the body, creating an antioxidant environment. Zoé Water offers three different types of alkaline water with a ranging pH balance with one branded as Zoé KIDS with a lower rating of 8.5 and Zoé SPORT with a higher level of added hydrogen ions.