Alis Pelleschi Captures Designers in Their Own Eccentric Styles

 - May 6, 2011
References: alispelleschi & vicestyle
Candid photos are usually the most honest and memorable captures of people, but sometimes they leave much to be desired for the person being photographed (think mid-blink). Photographer and stylist Alis Pelleschi has taken the idea of candid camera into the high fashion realm.

This photo series by Alis Pelleschi features new up-and-coming British designers she personally adores. Although not completely candid, the photos show the designers posing while wearing their own designs, allowing them for a less contrived look.

Alis Pelleschi photographs the designers in everyday settings, like on the street or in a restaurant, to further create a candid feel. Each of the photos is eclectic and different in its own way, which works to show off each designer’s personality and unique eccentric style.