Alexei Antonov Paints Flowers in Beautiful & Unexpected Locations

 - Feb 13, 2012
References: antonovart & cuded
Painting flowers may be clichéd, but Alexei Antonov at least illustrates them in a manner amateur artists can’t replicate. The Russian artist is a master of classical realism and he demonstrates that fact regularly with his impressive creations that mimic photographs. The way the light hits the flowers, the way the petals ruffle and even the veins on each individual leaf are all details Antonov meticulously expresses in his pieces, and it makes viewers remember just how inspiring roses can be with their radiant beauty.

Alexei Antonov isn’t satisfied with just painting the flowers, however, as he amplifies the technical difficult of his pieces through inclusion of water droplets, insects crawling about and exotic locations. It’s what makes his work vastly more interesting to sift through as opposed to bland illustrations produced by artists still perfecting their craft.