Alec Goss Creates Mixed Media Masterpieces with Pop Culture Allusions

 - May 2, 2012
References: society6 & lacarpa.tumblr
Browsing through this gallery of Alec Goss collages, viewers will notice that the artist loves obscuring the eyes of his subjects. This is, of course, a calculated design choice as viewers have a tendency to look for eyes within any work of art to establish a connection. By removing this crutch from his images, audiences are forced to notice all the complex intricacies surrounding Goss’ work, and his compositions are nothing if not filled with hidden gems.

For instance, one Alec Goss collage features Mickey Mouse with his eyes blocked out by a black bar with a couple "x" letters on it. Viewers will naturally explore the rest of his image now that they don’t have something that prominently draws their attention, and what they’ll find is a page of German text in the background, a skull face in Mickey’s left ear, consciously added cross marks on Mickey’s shorts and other minute, but interesting details.