Albert Clocks Bring Imagination to Displaying the Hour

 - Aug 11, 2012
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Young users would have the strong temptation to assume these Albert Clocks as favorite playthings for their toy boxes. Looking like adorable little dwellings, the playful pitched roof house design is further pushed with the incorporation of figurines.

There are two basic types of the Sven Stornebel timepiece that include a wooden-bordered shadow box with a sunken face. This dollhouse style comes in three different heights and provides about a 6-centimeter ledge inside for the placement of small possessions. The second model of the chronograph is completely solid and pristinely white. Segments of animal toys have been stuck around its perimeter to give it legs, arms and heads.

The Albert Clocks have an undoubted quirky and whimsical quality about them, but despite this, they embody a delightful minimalism that would complement a crisp and contemporary interior.