The Explosive Fruits and Vegetables by Alan Sailer Will Blow Your Mind

 - Dec 24, 2011
References: flickr & mymodernmet
For American photographer Alan Sailer, it’s not unusual to be surrounded by explosions and grenade-like objects, as he enjoys blowing up pretty much everything that crosses his mind. Using a pellet gun and a laser-triggered Nikon camera, Sailer has beautifully blasted from Christmas ornaments to toys. This time he took fruits and vegetable to make his experiments a bit more healthy.

The result is mesmerizing as Sailer captures the instant these veggies pass from being a one-piece item into a one-million-piece artwork. Oranges, eggplants, celery and lettuce are all transformed into an artistic puree, making these photographs both a science and an art project.

In order to obtain the best quality image, Alan Sailer uses a dark room and a high speed flash he built himself.