The Airspace Drone Takes Down Other Unwanted Drones

 - Oct 17, 2016
References: & gizmodo
Drones have developed faster than the technology in place to monitor them, making sure that they don't fly over locations they shouldn't, so the Airspace drone is a way to take control of unwanted or illegal drone flights with a more aggressive approach. Rather than implementing software to override the drone in question -- or some other similar behind-the-scenes system -- the Airspace drone is a powerful machine that ensnares smaller drones in a net and carries them away.

The Airspace drone can be controlled via a smartphone app that lets its user control which drones it targets, but it can also be sent out as a sentinel to target any drones in a given area. By catching those targets in a net and carrying them to safety, the Airspace drone removes the dangers of drones falling from the sky.