Stay Constantly Cool with the AirSketcher Fan

 - Sep 5, 2011
References: ubergizmo & japantrends
Ever since its introduction into the popular market, fan technology has seen little to no development -- until the AirSketcher fan, that is!

You can probably remember the constant nuisance posed by fans that are incapable of moving with you. Sure, they've introduced electrical pivots that sway the device to and fro, but these hardly solve the problem. Luckily, the AirSketcher fan exists and is capable of tracking your movements across a room, directing airflow squarely at your body wherever you decide to roam. A camera in the center of the fan tracks printed cards that the user carries around -- after finding the card, the AirSketcher will blast cooling waves at its target. And if the patterned card is nowhere in sight, the fan returns to circulating air per usual.

The cards are also capable of changing the fan's function, speed and direction. Thankfully, laying on the couch and playing video games has become that much easier!