Outgrow's Airbnb Tool Shows Property Owners What They Can Make

 - Jun 26, 2018
References: influencers.outgrow.us & producthunt
Airbnb is a great platform for allowing people to earn extra money by leveraging their properties, and this new Airbnb tool from Outgrow helps users to put a hard figure on just what they stand to earn. The calculator takes in a few simple factors relating to one's property, and it then spits out numbers that show the potential annual value for that home or apartment.

Outgrow's Airbnb tool asks just a few general questions about one's property, including the continent on which it's located, how much notice one would need in order to prepare it for guests, how often one would like to rent it out, the cost of upkeep, and any special qualities it might have. It then calculates an approximation of how much one stands to earn yearly after expenses.