Ahmad Bittar's Gaia Phone Communicates Your Love Life

 - Sep 14, 2009
References: yankodesign
You may think you know who you truly care about, but Ahmad Bittar’s Gaia Phone will tell you which ones you 'actually' do. As technology becomes increasingly present in our daily lives, it’s important that it reflects one of our most basic human traits: emotions. 

Ahmad Bittar’s Gaia Phone promises to become our "Identity." In being so, using a virtual wall of contact photos and the number of calls to and from a particular person, it will depict the strength of that relationship by brightening or fading their photo.

Furthermore, as reported by Yanko Design, "a spectacular show of lights, sound and vibrations greet ‘a best friend’s call, text message, a brother’s new picture upload or status update, or a girlfriend’s presence close by.’"

Although you really should know the status of any relationship, this phone could still provide some interesting insight to some of your more dubious friendships. With Ahmad Bittar’s Gaia phone, I will be able to prove my love to all my friends and family members who doubt it!