Aguas De Marco Uses a System of Adjustable Orange Shades to Heat/Cool

 - Sep 2, 2011
References: x-pnd & tuvie
Aguas de Marco is a conceptual house from XP& Architecture that combines modern design with eco-friendly innovations. The house is draped in orange shades that can be adjusted to control the temperature of the house.

Aguas de Marco is three stories and is completely covered in orange shades. The shades are adjustable and can be set at an angle to absorb heat or closed completely to block it out. When closed the shades block out the sun but are transparent from the inside. The three stories of the house consist of three bedrooms, one studio and four bathrooms. The house gets it unique name from a song of the same name from the artist Antonio Jobim. The songs inspiration comes from the waves breaking onto Venice Beach, California.