Age Recognition Software can Estimate How Old a Person Is

 - Mar 30, 2012
References: face & video.mashable
Fake ID wielders be warned:'s age recognition software can now determine whether or not the cardholder is as old as the person on the ID.

The website had previously specialized in facial recognition which is an integral part of tagging functions on smartphones and social media. Now the company has taken that technology a step further to be able to determine the minimum, maximum and estimated age of an individual by analyzing a photo of them. This makes the job of bartenders and servers a lot easier by helping to prevent underage minors from drinking when their age is difficult to determine.'s age recognition software also has many other uses outside of the nightclub and bar scene. By determining the age of users on the Internet, marketers can cater online advertising to them based on the demographic they fall into. They can promote similar games and products to them that are used by other people in their age bracket and can censor content that is inappropriate for certain ages to see.