Xavier Athletica's Hoodies Keeps Wearers Temperate After the Gym

 - May 27, 2016
References: xavierathletica & mashable
Xavier Athletica is helping consumers stay temperate while moving from hot workout sessions to outdoor settings with its 'Cool-Down Hoodie' that features a temperature-controlled lining. The sweater allows wearers to adjust the climate of the wearable, to better suit their body's current temperature. The sweater is designed to help gym goers and athletes feel more comfortable post-workout.

After a workout many consumers are sweaty, hot and exhausted and the thought of putting on layers despite how the weather outside might be is an off-putting scenario. The 'Cool-Down Hoodie' helps consumers return to their natural body temperature with an integrated thermal system. The hoodie is designed using silk and cotton to let the skin breathe and naturally feel cool in hotter seasons and warmer in colder ones. The hoodie is ideal to be worn year long.