African Dreams by Duygu Holat Captures Spirit Through Dance

Turkish-based photographer Dugu Holat has demonstrated her talent at capturing energy and spirit through the lenses of her camera, harnessing an eclectic range of emotions through still photography.

Her series titled 'African Dreams' centers around a beautiful young woman dancing passionately alongside a beachfront. The choreography of the moves is reminiscent of the ritual dances practiced by many indigenous tribes across Africa. From a blend of recognizably tribal stances, such as an x-shaped stance through the shots of the woman leaping into the air, it is clear that Holat is focusing on the expression of passion.

Around the world, indigenous tribes are losing their culture as a result of mass globalization. Myths, languages, sets of beliefs and outlooks are disappearing. African Dreams by Dugu Holat articulates a spirit that should never die.