IOLLA Creates Fashion-Forward, Affordable Eyewear for All

 - May 24, 2017
References: foreveryoursbetty & iolla
Ever felt like you are being punished for your prescription? Well, thank the glasses gods for IOLLA and its new straight-up affordable pricing for all glasses at a starting price point of just £65.

Creating an eyewear collection without limits, Scottish based brand IOLLA is changing the glasses-buying game. From slick re-designs of classic styles in various shapes and colors, IOLLA proves that glasses with attitude are always in style. Whether it is a statement cat-eye or a super versatile pair of prescription sunglasses, IOLLA’s got all bases covered for just £65 with anti-glare and anti-scratch features as standards.

"We exist to bring beautiful eyewear within the reach of everyone, empowering us all to feel confident about our look and have more fun," says IOLLA owner and designer Stefan Hunter. Recently changing the glasses game, IOLLA is the first brand to not discriminate for high prescriptions. Hunter also says: "We’re making IOLLA equally accessible to all, no matter your prescription."

IOLLA’s newly launched collection is the stylish update your eyewear wardrobe has been waiting for. If you are an glasses wearer, a wardrobe is exactly what you need to look and feel your best at all times. Taking some of the world's favorite frame styles and combining them with classic and of-the-moment colorways, IOLLA helps people affordably shop for eyewear and not just stop and start with one a one-style-fits-all approach.

One fan, leading Scottish blogger Forever Yours Betty has embraced the IOLLA wardrobe by interchanging between five pairs of specs depending on her outfit. She says "I don't know how I used to live life with just one pair. I've always embraced wearing glasses, but now I'm not being punished for my high prescription, IOLLA have made eyewear shopping - and wearing - so much more fun!"

In the past, glasses used to simply correct and protect, but we are already seeing a future where glasses represent all the stylish flair and personality of the wearer. IOLLA has the frames covered – all you have to focus on is spotting the most stylish pairs that suits you, which you are guaranteed to find at IOLLA.