Aerial Views by Bernhard Lang Captures Footprint of Globalization

 - Jan 18, 2014
References: & fastcoexist
Aerial Views by Bernhard Lang, a freelance photographer Munich, Germany, is an on-going project that captures the world from a birds eye view. By fleshing out the existing portfolio with more omniscient captures, he manages to provide traction for two different debates, both of which are strongly related to each other.

In his own words, Lang writes, "The message might be to show the impact of human beings on the natural environment. On the other side, the birds-eye view reveals that we are just small creatures, not as important as we think we are." Thus Aerial Views by Bernhard Lang is as ambiguous as life itself gets. Yet that doesn't deter from the captivating captures of shipping containers, people and more natural landscapes. It offers a unique perspective of the world.