The Adjust-A-Bowl is Tough like Leather and Flexible like Paper

 - Aug 12, 2011
References: branchhome & coolhunting
Adjust-a-Bowl shows us that our preconceptions of certain materials can limit us to their potential applications. However, if we are able to look beyond what we are used to and what we know, materials as common as cork, which are used in such specific ways such as wine stoppers and bulletin boards, can be utilized in other helpful ways.

Brought to you by Branch, a company that focuses on sustainable designs for living, Adjust-a-Bowl is just that. Made out of 100% all-natural cork fabric, it uses a material that the world currently produces in abundance. Interestingly enough, Adjust-a-Bowl nevertheless has a leather-like texture and the flexibility of a paper bag, making it extremely useful for around the house.