Adidas DryDye T-Shirts Help to Conserve Precious H20

 - Aug 9, 2012
References: adidas & popsop
Every two years, the clothing industry uses as much water to dye apparel as there is in the Mediterranean Sea, but the Adidas DryDye T-shirts aim to change that. The company has developed a range of tees that are dyed without the use of water; instead, these pieces are dyed using compressed carbon dioxide.

Partnering with Thailand-based Yeh Group, who developed the DryDye technology, Adidas aims to put "color into our clothes while keeping the water in the Mediterranean where it belongs." Traditionally, the average shirt requires about 25 liters of water to dye, but the new Adidas DryDye tees will reduce water use to 0 liters. It will also reduce the need for chemicals by 50 percent. So far, the project has resulted in 50,000 Adidas DryDye tees, which has saved 1.2 million liters of water.