Adam Kalinowski Dyed Sand to Create an Artistic Installation

 - Oct 26, 2015
References: adamkalinowski & contemporist
Polish artist Adam Kalinowski created this whimsical rainbow sandbox art installation titled 'The Dream City.' The interactive art display is comprised of various small sandboxes situated inside one massive sandpit.

The installation was created by dyeing sand a variety of colors from pinks and purples to yellows and blues. Adam Kalinowski used 30 tons of this colorful sand to create this magical display. The large circular sandpit is filled with a bright yellow-colored sand. Within this pit there are various square boxes made from plywood to contain the other colors. Boxes are placed in random areas and a few are even stacked atop one another.

The installation is located in Doha Qatar in an open public space, where the colorful sands are able to stand out among the concrete landscape. Children and adults alike are welcome to enjoy the visually pleasing art, and they can even play in the sandboxes if they want to.