The Acrylick SS 2012 Lookbook is a Sunny Step Back into the Past

The Acrylick SS 2012 lookbook is a reminiscent stroll into a retro stadium. With the quiet atmosphere and nostalgic setting, the lookbook leans on such classics as the Sandlot and Little Rascals for fun, spunky attitude. The clothing featured reflects the same chill and effortless feel. Each piece is cut for comfort, conveying a laid-back means of living. The shirts are printed with Varsity-inspired graphics and optimistic phrases such as 'League of Our Own' and 'Golden State of Mind.'

Acrylick is a Los Angeles-based clothing company with a focus on universality and individualism. The company's site reads, "We at Acrylick believe that things should be universal. We don't believe in conformity of any sort." The founders chose the name Acrylick for the expressive quality, wanting to convey and encourage the need to relay an original spirit.