The ACPAD Fits Onto Guitars to Enable Acoustic Electronic Effects

 - Oct 26, 2015
References: kickstarter
The ACPAD is an incredible musical invention that provides acoustic electronic effects to any guitar. Designed and invented by Robin Sukroso, the thin wireless MIDI controller turns a simple acoustic guitar into an orchestra of instruments.

The thin pad has a series of touch-sensitive pads that can make drum, bass or a range of other sounds. It can also create synthesized effects, record them and put these sounds on a loop. It does all of this with no other accessory like a keyboard or plugged-in computer system. While it uses music apps and systems, the USB dongle allows the ACPAD to wirelessly connect, giving the musician portability.

The acoustic electronic device can be removed and reattached easily and is thin so that it doesn't effect the guitar's sound. Ideal for acoustic lovers with an interest in electronic music, this device revolutionizes music.