The 'Accidental Chinese Hipsters' Tumblr Blog is Smile-Inducing

Tumblr user Kcmr's blog 'Accidental Chinese Hipsters' is an absolutely hilarious collection of Chinese people whose apparel and dress can be easily interpreted as hipster. 'Accidental Chinese Hipsters' features a plethora of entertaining photos of children, adults and senior dressed in signature hipster looks including the beanie cap, floral prints, tight-fitting man jeans and sideways baseball caps.

The blog is in no way intended to offend the individuals featured in the photos; it is merely a tribute to the various ways different cultures can interpret the same thing. Nonetheless, 'Accidental Chinese Hipsters' is the most creative and smile-inducing blog I have come across in a very long time. My favorite photo is of two older women on the street, one of whom is casually wearing her baseball cap sideways; in no way whatsoever does it suit her outfit but it is truly entertaining.