Accelerate Your Processing Speed

 - Jan 18, 2006
References: acceleware
Increase your processor speed 10X! Wow, that would be sweet, and now, thanks to a start-up company in Calgary, Canada, it is possible. The one catch: You have to be doing finite-element or FDTD simulations.

Yes, this is a business trend that is bound to revolutionize the world of finite-element analysis. Areas such as photonics, electromagnetics, seismic, and oil reservoir modelling will all be able to profit from a new hardware accelerator from Acelleware Inc. This will reduce processing times 10 fold for these types of simulations, causing some software modelling companies to ship the accelerator with all thier products.

If you are a young and dynamic entrepreneur with a thirst to develop your talents and realize your potential, Acceleware Calgary may be the place to be. Maybe you could help to Accelerate this trend...