The AC Portable Office Functions as Both a Tablet and Printer

 - Jun 15, 2012
References: alexcasabo & tuvie
Freelancers looking for a little more lightweight hardware to make their "offices" more legit had better hope that the AC Portable Office goes from concept to reality. AC is a set of two devices that can effectively perform the functions of a printer, scanner, induction charger, USB hub and a tablet and laptop.

Designer Alex Casabo has split the AC Portable Office into two parts. The bottom half offers the induction charging, the USB ports and the Blu Ray/CD drive. The top half consists of the touchscreen display. Both pieces can perform well on their own, but it's clear that this design truly shines when its two parts come together as one. Usually a do-all device ends up doing everything only mediocre, or poor, but AC looks like it has a shot to actually perform as well as a standalone laptop and printer.