The AC 01 Alarm Clock Shows off Stylish Subtle Designs

 - Jun 24, 2011
References: mossonline & selectism
I can live without having an iPhone dock or USB ports on my alarm clock, and those who have the same attitude will take a liking to the AC 01 Alarm Clock.

English designer Jasper Morrison designed the AC 01 Alarm Clock, which is subtle in its uniqueness. The flat-back timepiece stands at a slight angle with no additional technical aspects, making for an easy piece for all tech purists. The clock is made from aluminum and scratch-proof glass for those who are more protective of their belongings. The reverse has a large ring that turns the alarm on and off and the snooze feature activates by pushing the back, which will also illuminate the dials.

The AC 01 Alarm Clock may not have radio, MP3 or battery charging capability, but that really doesn't matter. It's simple, stylish, easy to operate and does the job just fine.