Kiki Valdes's Series Stars Swirled Cartoon Characters

 - Jul 29, 2013
References: kikivaldes & lostateminor
NYC and Miami-based artist, Kiki Valdes, has just premiered a new exhibition of her abstract pop art to the delight and excitement of fans all over the globe.

Each of her startlingly bright designs consists of several cartoon characters mushed up together, forming a technicolored swirl. These characters' eyes and noses blend into one another's, with the organized chaos of a whirlpool. The end result is a colorful mashup of quirky characters, represented with a ton of artistic energy.

With these paintings, Valdes has demonstrated a new form of pop art that, instead of representing iconic characters as they are traditionally seen, depicts these characters in ways that render them almost unrecognizable. For this reason, Valdes is truly on the cutting edge of the art scene, and is sure to be around with her stunning paintings for years to come.