Aabybro School Was Cut in Half and Placed at Two Adjacent Sites

 - Sep 26, 2016
References: cebraarchitecture.dk & archdaily
Danish architecture firm CEBRA was posed with an interesting challenge when building Aabybro School in Aabybro, Denmark. The municipality commissioned a new school, but due to physical limitations, it could only allow the school to be built on two adjacent plots, forcing the architects to create two separate buildings. As a solution, CEBRA connected the buildings through the use of aesthetics.

Each of the two school buildings that make up Aabybro School are covered by pitched roofs, a design element that is common around the town of Aabybro as a whole. However, the two school buildings' pitched roofs are unique in that their jagged north- and south-facing edges, respectively, would fit perfectly with one another if they were to be aligned.

The resultant aesthetic effect is one of apparent shearing, as if some massive seismic activity separated two buildings that were once one.