The A.P.C. Aesop 'Post-Poo' Serum Eliminates Odor

 - Apr 15, 2012
References: & weheart
The A.P.C. Aesop 'Post-Poo' serum is the first of its kind to invent a deliberate, at-home fecal odor concealer. The essential oils are supposed to be dropped into toilet bowls post bowel movement, and dependent on the user and scent, few to multiple drops may be applied.

The French stylists at A.P.C. have been known to produce fashion, photography and even musical mixes, but excretion-focused goods could not have been predicted. The brand's merger with Aesop, however, has addressed a common, albeit embarrassing, issue. While a natural bodily function, many feel uncomfortable with the pungent human smell, especially when in foreign settings. The Post-Poo concoction is a welcomed response to this common problem, providing washrooms with floral and citrus aromas.