The 90 Degree Drill Guarantees Straight Holes and Clean Floors

 - Jul 6, 2012
References: tuvie
The electric drill is a handy appliance for a household to have, though many are uncomfortable using one. The 90 Degree Drill is ideal for those with little experience in power tool usage, offering support, guidance and a much more simplified job.

A see-through plastic cover is the most distinctive characteristic of the device, comprising the majority of its volume as a clear empty cavity. Its primary purpose is to provide a surrounding rigid edge to the threaded bit to ensure that the metal approaches and perforates the wall at an exact perpendicular angle to the surface.

Zhao Yan and Hu Haiquan gave this unusual shell a second purpose of acting as a chamber to collect drywall dust. The task becomes all the easier when there's no cleanup to follow!