8hands For Social Life

 - Aug 20, 2007
References: streetbee
Juggling a bunch of social networking sites can get out of hand. A new way to manage your different online activities is with the desktop applications from 8hands. The program organizing all of your online profiles, so you can spend less time sorting through tedious information, and get on with expanding that social life! 8hands will eliminate the need to log in to each application or site, and will help users optimize their social networking time to boost their communications to the next level.

8hands lets you IM your friends, share online content (videos, photos) with them via a $drag & drop feature. It summarizes all of your social networking activities (your personal blog and profiles from MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, etc.) with useful statistics (number of friends in each network, activity level, etc.). With 8hands, you can connect to your favorite networks and friends without having to check each profile independently. 8hands notifies you when you receive comments, messages, friend requests, videos or other events, so you can relax, put your feet up and let 8hands do the dirty work for ya.

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