7UP 'Bubbles' Commercial Features a City Full of Uplifting Bubbles

 - Jul 18, 2010   Updated: Jun 16 2011
References: 7up & adland
The 7UP 'Bubbles' ad follows a group of young attractive friends as they discover their drinks are causing water pipes to explode all over the city. Sounds terrible, right? Well, the water pipes are actually releasing bubbles all over the city.

The 7UP 'Bubbles' commercial is an uplifting, effervescent ad that aligns the lemon-lime soda with refreshment, fun and happiness. See the China-based spot above.

Implications - With society so saturated with advertisements, consumers have gradually become desensitized to the majority of them. The advertisements which remain to reign superior are those that contain surreal themes or images. Companies can incorporate these elements into their marketing campaigns to appeal and be memorable to target markets.