These Speakers Merge a 70s-Inspired Design with Modern Sound Quality

 - Sep 18, 2015
References: thonet-vander
Thonet & Vander's latest sound system 'Grub' boasts a 70s inspired design, with a sleekly curved box and wooden decals, while maintaining its high quality modern acoustics. The German audio company, known for merging unique design with high quality performance, included its patented Howl Bass and Wider FX technologies to perfect bass and treble levels, filling all corners of a room with perfect sound. Its high-density wooden fiber also adds to the speakers' acoustics, while the three-way speakers provide clear resolution.

For such quality sound, it is surprising how compact the speakers are. With a three piece set, the Grub speakers are excellent for a minimalist home entertainment system. Achieving a 70s-inspired design without making the speakers look outdated, the sleek style is classy and a great revival of a retro piece.