The 60 Blue Table Takes an Intense Lean to Stimulate a Space

 - Feb 4, 2014
References: & yatzer
Furnishings are often appreciated as passive elements of interiors with which you may interact, but the 60 Blue Table has been designed in such a way that seems to embody more life. Instead of being composed as a sturdy-looking asymmetrical object, the XYZ Integrated Architecture project embodies an assembly that makes the desk appear to be in motion.

Now whether it seems that the abstract escritoire is frozen in a moment of sideways collapse or if it's being warped by speedy horizontal movement, the object certainly does not uphold the optical impression of stillness or stability. Of course, the metal 60 Blue Table stands on an illusory firm frame and can quite securely hold all sorts of items on its tabletop and in its little cubby.