Tokyo University Creates 4D TV Which Offers a Fuller Viewing Experience

 - Apr 1, 2013
References: & newlaunches
Japan’s Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology has offered the public an immersive viewing experience with their 'smell-o-vision' 4D TV.

This technology is a large leap in the way of entertainment. With the recent advancement and success of 3D televisions, this 4D feature will further immerse the viewer into what is being watched. It is truly the next level of movie-making magic. Imagine a camera panning through a beach and the viewer being able to smell the fresh and salty smell of the surf.

The 4D TV has many benefits in marketing as well, such as advertisers having the chance to tempt consumers with the smells of its products. Unfortunately, only some markets will benefit because not all products rely on smell, but those that don't could still find clever ways to implement this inventive feature.