'AutoConnect' is a 3D-Printing Platform to Build Connectors for Items

 - Nov 6, 2015
References: disneyresearch & 3dprint
Disney Research has come up with a 3D-printing platform that allows anyone to 3D-print "connectors" to join two or more items together. Though it doesn't sound as fancy and magical as other Disney projects, 'AutoConnect' does pose an extremely useful product solution.

The 3D-printing platform allows users to input the item that that want to connect -- whether it be a Red Bull can, an iPhone or a mug. The site then pulls up measurement specs on it from the Internet, including diameter and weight, in order to come up with possible "connector" shapes and sizes. Alternatively, there is also places to enter the measurements of an entirely uniquely shaped object as well.

These practical connectors can be used in cars for example, connecting a phone to a dashboard, or to build a cup holder for the arm of your living room chair.