The Acoustic 'Hovalin' is an Accessible and Affordable Instrument

 - Nov 3, 2015
References: hovalin & 3dprint
Husband and wife, Matt and Kaitlyn Hovas, designed and created this 3D-printed violin with painstaking effort and devotion. The 'Hovalin,' a merge in names of the designers and the instrument itself, evolved from a broom stick to a fully functional violin.

As both of the designers were engineers, they each brought different software and design knowledge to the table. Kaitlyn was also a professional violinist, meaning she could provide feedback on every step along the way. The final product proves that 3D-printers can truly make anything, even something as detailed and finicky as a string instrument.

The next steps for the creators is to make a violin that is half and a quarter of the original size, in order to make affordable instruments accessible for children as well.