Open Bionic's Prosthetics are Inexpensive and Rapidly Built

 - Sep 8, 2015
References: independent & techtimes
'Open Bionics' has designed a way of making 3D-printed prosthetics much more accessible for the 11 million amputees around the world. While other 3D-printed prosthetics exist, there are none on the market that are as inexpensive or readily available. In comparison to the average prosthetic limb, Open Bionics' are an unbelievable 16th of the price and take only a couple of days to make, as opposed to several weeks.

The process starts with a 3D scan for a custom fit, then a four-piece base is made and finally a skin-like layer is stretched over top -- resulting in a robotic hand that can grab, hold and shake like that of a human.

This technological update in prosthetic designs will have a positive impact for people around the world. Especially helpful in the realm of child amputees, these prosthetics provide a less expensive and faster alternative for kids who quickly outgrow their prosthetic limbs.