Artist Theo Jansen Constructs Cool Printed 'Strandbeests'

 - May 3, 2011
References: shapeways
Dutch kinetic artist Theo Jansen is using Shapeways 3D printing to realize the latest incarnations of his fabulous creeping Strandbeests. Theo Jansen is the original inventor of the ‘Animari’ beach creatures, or ‘Strandbeests.’ These sculptures were originally constructed of PVC tubing, bamboo and other lightweight materials so that they could walk the beach powered by the wind, but now the Strandbeests can be 3D printed and fully articulated without assembly.

Each sculpture consists of at least 76 separate moving interlocking parts. Multiple prototypes were used to come to the first viable solution, ‘Animaris Geneticus Parvus #5.’ But the evolution process continues: ‘#6’ has a lightweight bone structure and ‘#7’ has pointy feet. The ‘Strandbeests’ will continue to evolve, and as a new evolution of the beests become available, the older ones will die away in a Darwinian fashion.