The 2Play Catamaran is Designed for a Smooth Ride on Rolling Waters

 - May 2, 2014
References: nauti-craft & gizmag
The 2Play catamaran, invented by Australian company Nauti-Craft, is a catamaran with a unique design that isolates the deck from the two hulls.

The special marine suspension design developed by Nauti-Craft permits the hulls to move up and down with the waves, without transmitting all that movement to the catamaran's structure. It also ensures that the catamaran's bow isn't lifted too high when accelerating, and lets the boat perform turns more effectively.

The 2Play also features a special control system called the Deck Attitude Control System. This system consists of a computer that can be used to automatically adjusts the catamaran's suspension to compensate for rolling sees. This helps keep the deck level when the catamaran stops, making for a more comfortable ride for passengers and allowing for easier passenger entry and exit.