Trend Hunter Tested Out the New 2017 Land Rover Discovery (SPONSORED)

 - Apr 3, 2017
References: landrover & aman
It’s hard to know where to start with this adventure, mainly because Land Rover provided one of the best few days I’ve ever experienced, and it’s all thanks to the brand new 2017 Land Rover Discovery. Did I mention that it seats seven people? This allows for the whole crew of family and friends to join you on your most outlandish adventures.

From the moment we got to the private jet, I knew this was going to be like nothing I’d ever experienced. We were immediately greeted by a fleet of helicopters to fly us out to Zion National park, and over the beautiful scenery that is Arizona and Utah. We flew over the vast landscape until we finally landed in Zion National Park, where we were treated to an amazing lunch hosted by Buffalo Grill.

Once our bellies were full of delicious, locally sourced food, we were greeted by a fleet of Land Rover Discovery SUVs, and it was quite the sight. The first thing I noticed was how beautifully engineered the chassis was compared to past models, and how much more modern and stylish it looked. Recommended for those looking for both practicality and safety in one vehicle, while still maintaining beauty.

Once we arrived at the Zion park, this is when we really got to put these machines to work. The cars were prepared for anything that this park threw at us. Whether it was sand, mud, rocky terrain, or super steep hills, the new 2017 Discovery had a mode to handle it. Not to mention how seamless they made it to interact with the amazing technology and features packed into the vehicle. Those who aren’t as tech-savvy should not fret, as the design makes the experience as seamless and intuitive as it possibly can be.

The Discovery also makes it easy to tackle any terrain with the simple flip of a switch by the driver. After switching to the appropriate terrain type, the car automatically adjusts for whatever lies ahead. Not to mention the Discovery SUV can lower or raise its suspension to tackle different terrain, so when it came to the swamps and marshes, the car made it through seamlessly.

After the day of really putting the Discovery to the test, we departed on our way to the Amangiri Luxury Spa. Let’s just put it this way… most people fly or helicopter into places like this. However, the power and engineering of the 2017 Land Rover Discovery eliminated this process for us entirely, as we could use its rock crawling mode to get through what would be an impossible climb for most SUVs.

After an amazing night filled with great food, cold drinks, and buzzing music, we woke up for a day of activities that were perfectly aligned with what the Discovery SUV is all about. The most memorable was when we equipped the Land Rover Discovery SUVs with bike racks and trailers with supplies to hit the mountains of Utah for a day of mountain biking. Driving up such steep hills, I truly thought the Discovery was going to tip over on to its side, but the vehicle is so well designed and engineered that it could tip all the way to a 40-degree angle, and be fine. I was literally lifting myself out of my seat during this part, but I was assured that the Land Rover Discovery could handle it no problem.

All in all, the revamped 2017 Land Rover Discovery is the perfect SUV for those looking to tackle outdoor adventures in style, while knowing that all the people in the 7-seater are safe, even with such tough obstacles.

This post is sponsored by Land Rover.