The 2012 Guide to Dating Infographic Provides Everything You Need to Know

 - Feb 13, 2012
References: cheapsally & holykaw.alltop's infographic 'The 2012 Guide to Dating - Everything You Need To Know' is a one-stop guide to dating in the modern age, when social media and the Internet reign supreme. According the guide, there are 86 single men to 100 single women in the United States.

The list of the ten best U.S. cities to find a date in may not include where you would expect, as Lincoln, Nebraska comes in first while New York City, Chicago and Miami didn't even make the cut.

The 2012 Guide to Dating also breaks down "the new first date," like casual meet up for coffee. It also outlines the facts on the two most popular online dating websites and provides some guidelines for online dating practice.